About Us

We started this company because we had the same problems as you.

Our digital lives were a mess. Photos, videos, music, document files were everywhere…we had different devices,

different platforms…it was made worse each year with our purchase of a new phone, tablet or computer.

There had to be a better way. Our current options were not what we wanted, we did not want to:

  • Put our stuff in digital boxes never to be seen again.
  • Get trapped into any operating system or eco-system just because we tried their phone that year.
  • Have to recreate everything if we decided to move to new phone, new computer and new operating system.
  • Struggle on how to set up our personal cloud or be surprised on how it actually worked.
  • Put our private moments in highly public places just to share with family and friends.
  • Have our stuff in a cold environment that was not friendly or easy to use.

This is supposed to be fun. After all, the moments we captured were fun.

So, we decided to build MiMedia to fix this…for you and us. We wanted to have:

  • An easier way to be in the cloud...couple of clicks and, boom, you’re there.
  • Organization that is simple but powerful.
  • Tools to control, manage, curate and personalize our content the way we wanted it.
  • Private sharing environments for family and friends.
  • Reconnection with our moments, and resurfaces gems we forgot about.
  • A beautiful, visual experience...a place to hang out in and have fun…because, after all, it’s our stuff, our memories, our friends and family and all these things are ours to enjoy!

MiMedia is made by a group of passionate people in NYC, people who are just like you. We hope you love it.

If you have any questions, reach out to us – we are always here to help you.

—The MiMedia Team